First Birthday Dresses for Girls

How to Choose First Birthday Dresses for Girls

Your baby girl’s first birthday is coming up soon. You’ve made your birthday party plans, and now it’s time to consider what your little girl will wear. For the best birthday dress for your little girl, you’ll want to consider style, personalization, comfort, size, and washability. Hochzeitskleider Berlin/Hochzeitskleid Berlin

Style for Baby’s First Birthday Dress

Baby’s first birthday is a huge milestone-in a year full of milestones! On this special occasion, you want a baby dress that expresses the festive feeling. Feminine pink baby dresses are a classic choice for first birthdays.

But you could also choose a dress that reflects your baby’s birthday party theme. For example, if you’ve chosen a ballerina theme for baby’s first birthday, you’ll want to get a tutu, a bodysuit, maybe some slippers or socks that look like ballet shoes, and a tiara or soft headband.

Personalized First Birthday Dresses

If you choose a baby tutu or skirt for your baby’s birthday outfit, you can pair it with a soft camisole or bodysuit. Even better, you can get the camisole monogrammed with the baby’s name or a fun phrase that matches your party theme. Just be sure that you order the camisole several weeks in advance-personalized messages can take a little extra time.

Baby Dress Comfort

You want your baby girl to be happy on her first birthday, so make sure she’s comfortable in her birthday dress. For any dress, you’ll want a soft cotton camisole underneath. The camisole not only ensures that the dress’s seams don’t rub against the baby’s skin, it also keeps her diaper snugly in place.

If the birthday dress is sleeveless, make sure the camisole is too. You don’t want her underwear showing through.

If the dress is a bit sheer, get a slip for baby to wear underneath the dress. These can be great too if the dress’s skirt is a little abrasive (very full skirts sometimes are). A pair of tights can also make a scratchy skirt less noticeable for baby.

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