Can I Outsource Social Media Marketing?

The explosive adoption of online social network has made it into “the place” to find people, share information and carry discussions. New media is the new way for business to reach customers, prospects and decision makers. It is the new marketing buzz that your boss probably has told you to look into. smm panel

New media is still in its infancy for business applications. Can it be outsourced? Yes, absolutely. Is it risky to outsource? You bet.

Recently I wrote a whitepaper to cover step by step outsourcing process for social media marketing. The goal is to help marketers successfully leverage 3rd party resources to run social marketing campaigns.

Social media is difficult to outsource because it can impact many areas of the organization. It is a cross functional enabler for communication, marketing, customer service, product development, research, operation and information technology. Even though your goal is marketing, through online social networks, you may uncover helpful insights for your product development team, customer service division or sales managers. Marketers today should take a holistic approach to integrate social community into the overall corporate strategy. If social marketing is not planned and managed appropriately, it can potentially back fire other areas of the business.

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