Why Colleges Should Hand Out Keychain Alarms To All Students

A college campus should be a lively environment where young students, eager to learn, are prepared for life after college and for their role in plying their trade to make the world a better place to live and more often than not college campuses are just that. However, the reality is that there is no place on Earth that is completely immune to criminal activity and a college campus is certainly no exception. There is certainly no shortage of stories about students being accosted while walking back to their dorms at night. Almost every university I can think of has at least taken the precautionary measure of installing emergency phones about their campus and kudos to them for that. Those emergency phones do have their limitations though and are not always practical. For one, those phones are staggered many yards apart and a helpless female student walking home at night might not be able to reach the closest phone if she is suddenly attacked. acrylic charms

There is a very easy solution to this problem however and one that can be easily and affordably remedied by simply distributing keychain alarms to each and every student (female or male). My oldest child just turned 7 and so I don’t yet have to worry about her going off to college and being away from the family but when she does I can assure you she will at the very least have in her possession one of these personal alarms.

Personal alarms like the keychain alarm are great because they are completely safe and can cause absolutely no physical harm whatsoever. That is not to say, however, that they are not effective. On the contrary, keychain alarms can prove to be wildly effective and that is because they are extremely loud, which will draw the attention of anybody up to a quarter mile away, and extremely accessible as they are right in your purse or pocket.

They are the least cost prohibitive of any form of non-lethal self-defense and a simple keychain alarm can be purchased for about the same cost as eating at a fast food restaurant. So there can be no viable argument as to why any college or university would not be able to provide their students with such an alarm due to financial limitations.

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